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by Lily Davey-Gurion | 03.01.19

Noam Noy is the artist and creator behind the Tel Aviv based textile brand, No-No – the name under which she designs beautiful silk scarves, each piece uniquely displaying a world of its own. The vivid colours and meticulous patterns found on the scarves embody the culture and traditions that Noy grew up on. The themes aim to trigger memories and arouse a sense of nostalgia. The “Red Summer” for instance features bright oranges and typical, regional plants and flowers; familiar to a local observer.

Noy began designing textiles in the wake of her final project at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. The project, called “Nishamati”, features a mini-collection of silk scarves in a book called “My Soul Dwells in Exile”, that contains texts of Israelis living abroad. These texts make up a collective journal about the modern Israeli exile, presenting narratives of their experiences which declare a yearning and nostalgia beside hostility and criticism. The fabrics created by Noy, which are presented alongside these texts, are in essence a visual interpretation, that are to be used as a transitional object for those Israelis living in exile.

No-No’s collections are often displayed in installations curated by Noy, and are then featured in various events and festivals around the country. “Known to Harbor Life” for instance, is an installation composed of hanging textiles portraying Space. This installation portrays the juxtaposition of loneliness versus overcrowding, where the textiles portray an imaginary unknown space, provoking awareness of populous Earth in contrast with solitary Space.

Noy’s use of such diverse media, and her ability to blur the lines between seemingly abstract concepts or ideas to more tangible objects that can actually be worn, provides her with numerous platforms to convey a message, giving her freedom to express her viewpoint of the world. | Instagram

Photos by Asaf Einy
Styling by Shaylee Nissim


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