No Shit Beauty

by Lily Davey-Gurion | 21.05.18

The name says it all. No Shit Beauty is a lifestyle brand that really has no shit in it.

Three years ago, founder Karen Avidar decided to conjure up a selection of handcrafted organic beauty products in an aim to create cosmetic goods that cater to daily life in Tel Aviv. With a strong ethos that stands behind avoiding chemicals and animal testing, the products at hand provide a natural solution to personal care and present a welcome alternative to the majority of products the market has to offer. The brand started off with the infamous dry shampoo – a perfect product for an active urban lifestyle. Today there are a wide range of products that continue to serve this purpose and that are functional to everyday life.

As well as accommodating to a realistic way of life, this boutique brand encourages customers to emphasise their natural look. The hair wave spray, for instance, accentuates wavy hair and gives that post beach look that we all attempt to preserve after a dip in the sea.

The fresh unique scents, high quality ingredients and appealing aesthetics make No Shit Beauty truly irresistible.

| Facebook | Instagram – @noshitbeauty

Photos by Nadav Yahalomi


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No Shit Beauty

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