Gili Yalo

by Lily Davey-Gurion | 16.04.18

Ethiopia born, Tel Aviv based singer Gili Yalo has returned to his roots and native language to create a fascinating new project that combines a vibrant mix of funk, ethio-jazz, soul and afro-pop.

Gili Yalo’s debut solo album, produced by accomplished musician and producer, Uri Brauner Kinrot (Ouzo Bazooka, Boom Pam), is comprised of a dynamic collection of songs in both English and Amharic that provide the listener with a colourful palette of sounds. The groovy bass lines and distinct African drums beats are laced with soulful trumpet notes and bluesy guitar chords. Classic Ethiopian melodies are cleverly fused with a contemporary upbeat sound creating an authentic harmony between different times and places, perhaps portraying the integration of Yalo’s history with his world today.

When Gili Yalo gets up on stage, all eyes instantly turn to look at him – his charismatic presence and uplifting energy make the floor tremble and draws in the crowd, creating an electric atmosphere. Yalo’s husky, warm voice is honest and emotive, reflecting his amiable personality. This, along with his delightful charm and energetic nature, guarantees that the audience are left yearning for more.

Gili Yalo will perform at Barby, Tel Aviv on April 25.

Photos by Michael Topyol and Ariel Efron | Facebook | Instagram


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