by Lily Davey-Gurion | 10.04.18

It’s not easy to convey the feeling that Tigris evokes when you hear their music. It’s so colourful and entrancing that it seems to throw you into a hypnotic psychedelic trip. Essentially, it inspires you to just get up and dance! The music they produce gracefully fuses afrobeat, indie pop and electronic music with significant influences from Ethiopian and West African music. A unique blend of traditional African sounds combined with an inventive modern touch gives the music a timeless feel. Catchy instrumental melodies are layered onto electrifying rhythmic beats, maintaining a lively upbeat energy throughout each song.

Tigris is made up of five accomplished musicians, each active in other renowned local acts. The rhythm section, with its heavy bass, rich percussion and special African drums is beautifully coated with sweet keys and creative guitar notes. Tigris have been on the scene since 2014 when they released their debut self-titled EP. Since then they have toured around the country gaining a large following of passionate fans, with their latest release being a full-length album named Gold.

The band will be releasing their new EP, Lightning, at the end of this month. With a more raw, distorted rock sound and electro-heavy feel the collection of songs on this record have taken the band in an intriguing new direction.

Don’t miss their EP release show at Teder on April 24. 

Photos by Mika Hazan Bloom and Vera Bello | FacebookInstagram


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