Sefi Zisling

by Lily Davey-Gurion | 19.03.18

If you’ve been exposed to Israel’s jazz and funk scene over the past decade, it is likely you’ll have seen trumpeter Sefi Zisling on stage. Now with his own solo album, titled Beyond The Things I Know, Sefi has brought himself to the fore and we as listeners are fortunate to delve into his remarkable universe. The album, which was produced by Rejoicer, founder of Tel Aviv label Raw Tapes, offers a beautiful blend of afro-jazz, psychedelic funk and rhythmic beats.

Zisling’s mesmerising music takes you on a spiritual journey through layers of trippy feel-good melodies and ambient utopian depths where influences such as Alice Coltrane, Fela Kuti and Mulatu Astatke are audibly echoed in the layers of each song. The gentle accuracy of the notes he hits entwined with a warm rugged feel gives Zisling’s sound a distinct touch. The smooth synthesis between jazz and afro-beat created by Zisling makes it widely accessible and so dynamic that the album could surely be heard in either a dark smoky bar or on a white sandy beach.

Sefi Zisling will be playing at Herzl 16 on April 8.

Photos by Michael Topyol and Ariel Efron

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